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    Wenn es im Körper zu wenige RAD50-Proteine gibt, treten typische Veränderungen an den Chromosomen auf: Die Träger der Erbanlagen brechen auseinander oder tauschen untereinander Bruchstücke aus. Letzteres ist auf dem Bild zu sehen. Das mit dem Pfeil ma

    In the genetic material of a young woman, an international team of scientists has discovered a genetic defect unknown so far. Due to this defect, the human body is not able any longer to repair certain DNA damages.

    Das Herz eines 48 Stunden alten Hühnerembryos

    In all vertebrates - and thus also in the human - the heart usually beats on the left side of the body. Why this is the case has not been understood in every detail yet. Developmental biologist from Würzburg now made a crucial step towards the solution of this riddle.

    Elektronen im Kraftffeld

    When will physicists find the first superconductor that reveals its stunning qualities even at room temperature? It seems there is still a long way to go. Even so, researchers from the University of Würzburg were involved in a discovery which clearly points in one direction.