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    Die Aktivität des Ionenkanals TPC1 in der Vakuolenmembran (gelb) ist für die elektrische Erregbarkeit der Vakuole essentiell. Links eine Pflanzenzelle, in der Mitte die daraus freigesetzte Vakuole mit Chloroplasten (rot) und einer 3D-Rekonstruktion der TPC1-Kristallstruktur.

    Researchers have filled two knowledge gaps: The vacuoles of plant cells can be excited and the TPC1 ion channel is involved in this process. The function of this channel, which is also found in humans, has been a mystery so far.

    Das ViLearn-Team der Uni Würzburg (v.l.): Marc Latoschik, Silke Grafe, Florian Kern, Gabriela Greger und Peter Kullmann. Es fehlt Jennifer Tiede.

    People meet in Virtual Realities to work, to train, to talk from avatar to avatar without traveling, or just to be entertained. Can this Social-VR also successfully be used in university teaching?

    Eine Frau hält einen Controller für eine Spielekonsole in der Hand. Forscher haben sich gefragt, ob Videospiele dick machen.

    Are children, teenagers and adults who spend a lot of time playing video games really more obese? A meta study conducted with the University of Würzburg has looked into this question. The cliché is true – but only for adults.

    Max Schmitt ist einer vor zwei gleichberechtigten Geschäftsführern der Würzburger Textagentur Contify.

    He studied German philology at the University of Würzburg and will never forget discussing his first term paper with his prof. Today, Max Schmitt manages a text agencies and loves playing with words.


    Flashes on the Moon

    Professor Hakan Kayal neben dem Mondteleskop.

    On the moon flashes and other enigmatic light phenomena can be observed again and again. With a new telescope, a professor at the University of Würzburg wants to get to the bottom of these phenomena.

    Zu einem gesundheitsfördernden Umgang mit digitalen Technologien will der bayerische Forschungsverbund ForDigitHealth beitragen.

    Through the research network ForDigitHealth, five Bavarian universities are jointly researching the stress that digitisation causes in humans. The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts is funding this initiative with 3.35 million euros.

    Die Grafik veranschaulicht das Wechselspiel zwischen Topologie (blauer Ring) und starker Korrelation (Elektronenspins; farbige Pfeile auf dem Quadratgitter). Darum geht es im Würzburger Sonderforschungsbereich ToCoTronics.

    A great success for Würzburg's physics department: its Collaborative Research Centre was rated as excellent and is now entering its second funding phase. The German Research Foundation is providing 12 million euros for this purpose.

    Dr. Ana Rita Brochado erforscht die Antibiotikawirkung auf Bakterien.

    Bacteria can quickly become resistant to antibiotics. Which mechanisms are responsible for this and how to counteract it? Dr. Ana Rita Brochado, who is setting up a new Emmy Noether Junior Research Group at the University of Würzburg, is investigating this.

    Dr. Ataru Sotomura bei einem Aufenthalt in der japanischen Stadt Nara. Der Würzburger Wissenschaftler leitet in Japan eine Forschungsgruppe.

    A new research project studies the history of East Asian art and culture at Kyoto University in Japan which is known for its excellence. It is headed by a Würzburg scientist, Dr. Ataru Sotomura.

    RNA-Moleküle transportieren die Erbinformation aus dem Zellkern in die Zelle. Wer sie lesen kann, erhält ein genaues Bild der Genaktivität innerhalb eines bestimmten Zeitraums.

    Getting an accurate picture of the real-time transcriptional activity of a cell: This is the goal of a new research project at the University of Würzburg which is funded by the European Research Council.

    Blick aufs Hauptgebäude der Uni Würzburg mit Uni-Fahne.

    The University of Würzburg plans to build a "Center of Polymers for Life". Rating the new project as excellent, the German Council of Science and Humanities has recommended its implementation.


    Schema eines zweidimensionalen Josephson-Kontakts: Zwischen zwei Supraleitern S (grau) befindet sich ein normal leitendes zwei-dimensionales Elektronengas. Legt man dort ein Magnetfeld an, kann man Majorana-Fermionen am Ende des Kontakts erwarten.

    In collaboration with researchers from Harvard University, researchers from the University of Würzburg have made an important step on the road to topological quantum computers. Now, they present their findings in the renowned scientific journal Nature.

    Beim Fangen und Verdauen ihrer Beute zählt die Venusfliegenfalle immer wieder elektrische Signale (AP, Aktionspotentiale). Diese Vorgänge werden an der Uni Würzburg erforscht.

    How does the Venus flytrap count and calculate? This is what the Würzburg plant researcher Rainer Hedrich wants to find out. For his project, he will receive 1.5 million euros from a renowned funding programme.

    Dr. Francesca Helm (University of Padua). Foto: privat

    On May 8, the Service Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning invites you to attend an English language “Gute-Lehre” talk and workshop on “Virtual Exchange for Education Innovation and Internationalisation at Home”.