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    In Nanodrähten aus Goldatomen können sich Elektronen nur in sehr engen Bahnen bewegen, so dass es zum Stau kommt. Veranschaulicht ist das hier durch den rot eingefärbten Draht. Rechts oben ist die Spitze eines Rastertunnelmikroskops dargestellt, mit de

    The thinnest wire in the world, made from pure gold, is being examined by physicists from the universities of Würzburg and Kassel. Its exceptional electrical conductivity is causing quite a stir: the electrons do not move freely through the wire, but like cars in stop-and-go traffic.

    Herz im Kernspin

    For the first time anywhere in the world, medics from Würzburg University Hospital have managed to relieve a patient of his heartbeat irregularities using a new technique. The new procedure is very precise and gentler on sufferers.

    Stempel "Ehrenamt"

    Almost half of young people in Germany did some form of voluntary work last year. However, there are huge differences between the educational groups, in some cases with problematic consequences. This is the finding of a representative study by the University of Würzburg.

    Ein Quantenpunkt-Mikrolaser schickt Licht aus, das über einen Spiegel gezielt in den Laser zurückgeworfen wird. Das stört den Laserbetrieb derart, dass es zu einem chaotischen Emissionsverhalten kommt. Rechts das Ergebnis einer Messung zur Photonenstat

    Würzburg physicists have created a microlaser with unique properties. They have also succeeded in making the laser behave chaotically. In the future, it may be possible to use this for a new, secure form of data transmission.

    Die Blattlaus Sitobion avenae, ein Getreideschädling, und einer ihrer größten natürlichen Feinde, der Siebenpunkt-Marienkäfer. Fotos: Iris Gallenberger

    Farmers who spray insecticides against aphids as a preventative measure only achieve a short-term effect with this method. In the long term, their fields will end up with even more aphids than untreated fields.


    Familiar view


    What happens when bees are displaced to unfamiliar locations? Quite a few of them find their way back to the hive even from great distances – provided that a certain condition is satisfied. The relevant details are reported by researchers from Würzburg and Canberra in a new publication.

    Der Anionenkanal SLAH3 misst den Wasserverbrauch, den Nitratgehalt und die Photosyntheseleistung der Pflanze. Als Reaktion darauf reguliert er den Öffnungszustand der Blattporen. Für seine Aktivierung ist neben den Botenstoffen Abscisinsäure (ABA) und

    Rising levels of nitrate and of the hormone abscisic acid signal to a plant that it needs to conserve water. How do these two transmitters achieve their effect? Plant researchers Rainer Hedrich and Dietmar Geiger from the University of Würzburg have found the answer.

    Landschaft mit gelb blühenden Rapsfeldern. Foto: Andrea Holzschuh

    Bright yellow with an intense aroma: rape fields dominate whole landscapes in April. Their abundance of flowers is so attractive to bumblebees that wild plants are being increasingly neglected by pollinators, as proven by researchers from the University of Würzburg’s Biocenter.

    Kapillaren im Hirnschnitt

    To date, accumulations of fluid in the brain, which occur after a stroke, have been very difficult to treat. Researchers from the University of Würzburg have now found a solution to the problem. Their work is reported on in the journal Stroke.


    Researchers from Würzburg and Braunschweig have deciphered how a particular enzyme naturally constructs large sugar molecules. Armed with this knowledge they can now produce customized sugar for use in the food industry as prebiotics.

    Harmen Hendriksma

    A global decline in bee numbers has been giving cause for concern for many years now. The reasons for the sudden loss of whole colonies remain unclear. Biologists from the University of Würzburg have now developed a new approach that might help shed light on this issue.

    Würfel (Uwe-Jens Kahl/pixelio.de)

    Humans can estimate quantities of up to four objects accurately. When there are more than four, they have to start counting. This innate limit is also reflected in the counting systems of ancient civilizations.

    Grafik, die die hormonellen Zusammenhänge zwischen Gehirn, Hirnanhangsdrüse und Nebennierenrinde zeigt. Grafik: Melanie Ullrich

    First discovered ten years ago, it is now the subject of new findings relating to its function: the protein SPRED2 inhibits the hormonal stress response in the body. Whether it also plays a role in the development of illnesses has yet to be established.

    Eine Brustkrebszelle (gelb) unter dem Elektronenmikroskop. Wissenschaftler vom Biozentrum der Universität Würzburg beschreiben jetzt in der Zeitschrift „Molecular Cell“ einen Rückkoppelungsmechanismus, der die Aktivität des Krebsgens Myc reguliert

    Cancer can develop when genes get out of control. A feedback mechanism to prevent just that is reported by scientists from the Biozentrum of the University of Würzburg in “Molecular Cell”.


    Over the coming months, all students in Würzburg will be receiving new ID cards. The new card is multifunctional and forgery-proof thanks to its modern encryption technology. The project has three sponsors.