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    Meet other cultures, improve your language skills, get involved, have fun!


    • are a student at the JMU Würzburg or
    • are coming form abroad
    • are interested in intercultural exchange
    • would like to improve your skills and knowledge (languages, intercultural competence, etc.)

    The University of Würzburg offers many options:

    The Würzburg International Network's (WIN) goal is to integrate the international students and to introduce them to our country and culture. Students organize different events every second Wednesday and also offer day and weekend trips to many different cities in Germany - and, of course, parties! Contact:


    The working group "Against Racism and Xenophobia" in the Student Council at the University of Würzburg is an association whose goal is to sensitize and inform the community about racism, fascism, social and religious discrimination.


    Kompass - students helping students! A programme from students for students during the introductory phase of their studies.

    Tutors of the International Office

    The first day in a foreign country are usually the most difficult.

    We are students who have been in Würzburg for some time and we're here to help you during your first couple of weeks.

    The Language Center (ZFS) is you first point of contact at the University of Würzburg to learn languages! The Language Center aims to prepare students linguistically for research or study abroad period or in order to find a job in a foreign or international enterprise. Students can choose between courses during the semester and intensive courses during the semester break. The group size is limited to 25 participants, the courses are free or charges (except study-preparatory courses of German as a Foreign Language (DaF). The ZFS offers language trainings for three levels (from beginners' to advanced level).

    Association for the Support of Foreign Students in Würzburg

    Disease, war in their home country or the death of a close relative can cause a financial gap that can not be filled due to the limited work permit in Germany.

    Often it is only a small amount of money that decides on success or failure of a life plan.

    Here, the association for the support of foreign students in Würzburg, which was founded in December 2013 comes into play. It is registered with the Register of Würzburg as a non profit organization. The fund that is solely supported by membership fees and donations intervenes to help foreign students accidentally fallen into financial difficulties.



    Face to face: This offer is directed at students of the University of Würzburg. Two students with different native languages are paired to improve their foreign language knowledge and to exchange intercultural experiences. The language partners determine their own targets, strategies, content and learning time. They can also receive support and tips from the Language Center. Language speakers are always native speakers of the language they are offering.  

    "Global Systems and Intercultural Competence" (GsiK) is a project unique to Germany, which joins 10 institutions from six faculties of the University of Würzburg. The goal of the project is to devolop a distinguished and scientifically founded teaching program for the acquisition of intercultural competencies of students. These skills are of increasing importance for students of all majors, considering the cultural pluralisation of the environment in which we live. 

    International groups and associations in Würzburg

    Würzburg is international and multicultural. There are a lot of international groups and associations.

    Working groups of the Catholic University's community (KHG): asylum, Latin America, Africa, international women's-group and more! Get involved, meet people from all over the wolrd, get information about the working group subjects! The KHG is maintained by the Catholic Church and is open to everybody, no matter which origins or religion.

    The ESG (Protestant University's community) - maintained by the protestant church - also offers interesting activities with an international orientation. As in the KHG, everybody, no matter which origin or religion, is very welcome!

    Campus for Christ is an interdenominational student movement. The participants meet every tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Vineyard Community (Beethovenstraße 2) to talk about god and a lot of other thins or to sing together.



    Regulars' tables in Würzburg

    Please inform yourself in advance if the indicated times and places are still correct!


    English Language Meetup

    Mondays at 8 p.m.

    Irish Pixie, Karmelitenstraße 22

    Check them out on Facebook!


    Franco-German regulars' table

    Fridays at 9:00 p.m.

    Café Klug, Peterstraße 12

    Check them out on Facebook!


    German-Swedish regulars' table

    Mondays at 8 p.m.

    Weinstube Pop, Textorstraße 17


    Korean-German regulars' table

    Check them out on Facebook!


    Italian-German-regulars' table

    Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. or 9 p.m. during the semester time in the cellar of the bar "Standard", Oberthürstraße near Barbarosseplatz!

    Vedi Facebook!

    Norwegian-Danish regulars' table 



    Portugese-German regulars' table

    Check them out on Facebook!


    Catalan-German regulars' table

    For further information:


    Spanish-German regulars' table

    Mondays at 8 p.m. in the Unicafé (corner Sanderstraße/Neubaustraße).

    For further information:




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    97074 Würzburg
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