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Offers by students

General guidance

The Council of Student Representatives (Sprecherrat) helps to get refugees settled at the University. They answer questions and provide general guidance. Participation is free of charge.

The Student Representatives’ office is located in room 104 on the first floor of the cafeteria building at Hubland.

Studierendenvertretung der Universität Würzburg

Sprecher- und Sprecherinnenrat
Mensagebäude am Hubland, Zi. 104
97074 Würzburg
Telefon: +49 (931) 31-85819
Telefax: +49 (931) 31-84612

Working Groups

  • The Würzburg International Network (WIN) is a group of students who organize events, trips, and parties for all international students in Würzburg. We are dedicated to promoting international understanding and we want all foreign students to have a great time in Würzburg. Therefore, we organize various cultural activities, trips to different German cities and other events each semester.
  • Referat gegen Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit is a group of students who combat against racism and xenophobia