Deutsch Intern

Meet Miriam Kratochvilova...

nonName: Miriam Kratochvilova
Home Country and City: Czech Republic, Olomouc
Field of study: education/pedagogy
Three words to summarise your time in Würzburg: Alte Mainbrücke and wine, German Language

1) Since when are you in Würzburg and how long will you probably stay here?

I came here in October and I will stay until the summer semester (probably)

2) What do you like most about studying in Würzburg?

The students have a lot of possibilities to choose from many subjects, depending what is interesting for them. The students are very active and they have a lot of interests for their studies.

3) Are there any differences between your study in Würzburg and in your home?

I think the education systems are quite similar but in my opinion the students in Würzburg are much more hardworiking.

4) What are you doing in your lesure time?

I meet with my friends, we go on excursions or in the park.

5) How do you like Würzburg and what especially do you like in Würzburg?

Würzburg is very cozy, historical, nice and not too large.

6) Do you have a favorite German dish?


7) What do you find as the biggest cultural difference from your home and Germany? Did you have a cultural shock?

People in Germany are much more amenable and positive than in my home.

8) Did you also travel to other countries and cities during your study stay in Würzburg? Where?

In Germany I visited Frankfurt and Wiesbaden but mostly I travel through/in Bavavia.