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    IFEX - Interdisciplinary Research Center for Extraterrestrial Studies


    IFEX – Interdisciplinary Research Center for Extraterrestrial Studies

    IFEX is the Interdisciplinary Research Center For EXtraterrestrial Studies of the University of Würzburg, Germany.

    The center is dedicated to developing and promoting interdisciplinary aspects of the extraterrestrial studies by means of basic research, development and participation in scientific-technical application projects, as well as in terms of the creation of appropriate training programs.

    In addition, IFEX focuses on extraterrestrial research projects in the context of science and technology and their innovative application on Earth and in space.

    The work area includes

    • the exploration of space, objects in our solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole,
    • the search for signs of life,
    • the search for extraterrestrial intelligence,

    as well as

    • the promotion and coordination of subject-specific and, in particular, interdisciplinary cooperations and
    • dissemination of extraterrestrial studies.
    News and dates

    On the Moon there are so called TLP several times per week. Those TLP are short flashes on the moon´s surface. There has been few research done on these phenomenons so a new telescope was deleloped and set up in Spain by Professor Kayal and his team.


    IFEX was founded


    IFEX was established with the approval of the IFEX Statutes of the University of Würzburg at its meeting on 27.09.2016.