How can the Academic Advising Center help you?

Carefully planning your course of studies from the very beginning helps you effectively use your time as a student. The Academic Advising Center is here to help you by providing detailed information and advice. Over 10,000 people -- primary and secondary school students, university students, parents, and senior citizens -- take advantage of our services every year.

International students

International students wishing to study or studying at the University of Wuerzburg should contact our International Office for information and advice.

Personal Advising

From the very beginning of your studies, the Academic Advising Center provides you competent advice to help you plan and organize course scheduling, combining courses, changing majors, double majors, doctoral studies, and second courses of study. You can drop by during our office hours (even during the semester breaks), call us or send questions per email or in the standard mail. Contact us.

Online Services

You can access the most essential orientation information from home: most questions regarding studying at the university can be answered by visiting our website. Our information is divided into two large groups:  specific information relevant to every course of study offered at the University of Würzburg and general informations relevant to all students.

Informational Materials

We have a comprehensive collection of brochures and print media about all subjects and courses of study. We also provide ZVS (Federal Center for University Admissions) brochures, information about the Bavarian Sport Certification Test, and much more. Informational materials here.

Talks, Fairs, and Special Events

The Academic Advising Center regularly plans informational events at local high schools for perspective students and informational talks about the admissions process at the University of Würzburg.

We also plan the university 'taste-testing' program and an open day for high school students; these two events give perspective students a chance to inform themselves about the prerequisites of and opportunities provided by studying at the university before enrolling. Information about Events.

We wish you success during your studies at the University of Würzburg and look forward to seeing you in our offices!