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Philosophy Faculty


In the past, the Geography Department of the Julius Maximilians University maintained close contact with China; a cooperation which was primarily based on the research interests of Professor Dr. Dieter Böhm. This cooperation resulted in several excursions to China, as well as a joint textbook. After Professor Dr. Dieter Böhn, who had established a cooperation between the Geography Department in Würzburg and the Normal University in Beijing, retired, the focus of research in Würzburg has moved to other areas. Nevertheless, geography offers a seminar on the China region at regular intervals. In addition, China's foreign trade is discussed in the lecture 'World Trade'. The Climatology group has also had several cooperation projects with colleagues from Chinese universities and research institutions in recent years, especially on the influence of anthropogenic climate change on glaciers and hydrology in the Tian Shan.

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The European Chinese Language and Culture Programme organises and manages an integrated semester abroad at Peking University for several Sinology programmes at the University of Würzburg. For this purpose, the programme also maintains an office at Peking University. In addition, the programme offers the opportunity to initiate and support research cooperation at Peking University. Via this institutionalised research cooperation, researchers at the Sinology department maintain a number of contacts with Chinese scholars, including former visiting scholars, cooperation partners and academic partners. These informal research collaborations enable the organisation of summer schools, guest lectures and a variety of publications in the three main research areas at the Sinology department in Würzburg (Contemporary Chinese Studies, Cultural History and China Business and Economics). These research areas and study programmes can be accessed here.

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