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Research Data Management


Research Data Management

Research data is all data and samples created, developed, or analysed in the course of research activities, e. g. by source research, experiments, measurement, inquiry, or survey.

Research data management refers to all processes within the research data cycle. It includes the creation, documentation, analysis, processing, usage, archiving, publishing, re-use, and deletion of research data.

We recommend developing a data management plan during the initial project planning phase already. Some funding bodies demand this and also expect that research data be published in open access mode.

You will find more information under “Good Practice in Research Data Management”.

The Registry of Research Data Repositories (re3data.org) lists suitable repositories in which researchers can publish or search for research data. In this context, our Service Centre Research and Technology Transfer (SFT), our Research Advancement Centre, our University Library as well as our Information Technology Centre are joining forces to assist researchers at the University of Würzburg.

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