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    Diversity3: A joint event series by the three Würzburg universities

    Diversity concerns us all! Together with experts, we would like to take a new look at the topic of diversity in higher education. Diversity³ is a joint event series of three Würzburg universities: Julius-Maximilians-University, University of Music, and Technical University of Applied Sciences. Participation in the events can be credited as part of the certificate "Diversity and Gender Competence".




    Certificate „Diversity- and Gender Competence“

    Diversity, gender equality, and inclusion are currently much discussed topics. The implementation of these concepts is now also increasingly becoming the focus of politics, the public and corporate culture. The new certificate "Diversity and Gender Competence" offers students, doctoral candidates, and employees of all three Würzburg universities the opportunity to actively engage with the current discourses, acquire knowledge, and find their own points of view.

    The three Würzburg universities - Julius-Maximilians-University, University of Music, and Technical University of Applied Sciences - offer the certificate across disciplines and universities.

    The certificate consists of the following components:

    • participation in a workshop, e.g. empowerment, gender sensitisation, diversity management, etc.
    • participation in three lectures and cooperation events on the topic of gender and diversity, e.g. joint lecture series "Diversity³", events of the Gender Forum, lecture series of the Master's programme "Diversity Management", etc.
    • written reflection and participation in a reflection meeting (exchange of all participants).


    Information on obtaining the certificate:

    Please register independently for the events of your choice. Your participation in the events will be recorded. When you have attended all the events required for the certificate, write an email with a list of the events you attended, your written reflection, and a postal address to which the certificate will then be sent. There are no participation fees and you can flexibly arrange the participation period. In addition, it is not possible to receive double credit.

    For the written reflection, you can use the "handout with guiding questions on gender and diversity aspects"as a reference.

    handout with guiding questions on gender and diversity aspects

    Selected questions should help you to remember the theories, theses, and recommendations for action of the events you attended and to write down your assessments. This written reflection of 3-5 pages aims to find out what food for thought you have taken away and whether the events did  have a lasting effect.

    The final reflection meeting is about the (possible) expansion of your gender and diversity competences.  Here we will discuss in the group about the insights gained during the events and questions that remained open.

    Please plan about 2 hours for the reflection meeting.

    Note for GSiK Participants:

    You are welcome to attend the Diversity³ events for the GSiK certificate as well. Please note, however, that double crediting, e.g. with the certificate "Diversity and Gender Competence", is not possible. One event in the Diversity³ series corresponds to one lecture point in the GSiK programme. If you attend the entire programme of the certificate "Diversity and Gender Competence" (see above for components), this can be counted as a seminar point. Please send us a message at diversitaethochdrei@uni-wuerzburg.de for questions regarding crediting.