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Career Centre

Global Circle: Reimagining global health

This Global Circle will take place from 12 - 23 June 2023. These are the topics that will be discussed:

  • What has changed in your country’s public health services since the pandemic?
  • What do we think about the current global health systems and frameworks?
  • How are you affected differently based on your country or social background?
  • What health system do we feel would work?

To be awarded credits for the course, you will have to submit two registrations:

  •     One via Soliya (deadline to sign up: 28 May 2023)
  •     And one via the Career Centre programme through the WueStudy portal.

The first face-to-face session at the Career Centre will take place (time and place will follow). We will meet in person at the offices of the Career Centre. During that session you will receive an introduction to the idea behind the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange programme and will learn how to identify your personal skill set. The second face-to-face session, during which you will share your feedback, will be held at the offices of the Career Centre (time will follow). If you are unable to attend a face-to-face session, we can schedule a one-on-one session for another date.

The deadline to sign up is 28 May 2023.