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    Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

    Research Areas

    Fundamentals of Data Science and Machine Learning

    In CAIDAS, the foundations for data science and machine learning play a prominent role, with a fluid transition between the two research fields. Only by effectively evaluating the new raw material "data" and learning from this data in different scientific fields can the basis for later modelling be created.
    The still young scientific discipline of data science deals with the processing and analysis of very large amounts of data of very different types. The data is often incomplete, noisy and so large that conventional evaluation is not possible or only possible with disproportionate effort. This results in enormous challenges for the efficiency of algorithms and data science methods.

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    Human-Centered AI and Data Science

    The research on Human-Centered AI and Data Science comprises human-centred approaches that centrally take into account the physiological, perceptive and cognitive abilities of users and combine utility with usability and user experience to make the handling and use of technical systems productive, pleasant and helpful. Methods of AI and data science are a means to an end. They make it possible to realise completely new user experiences with technical systems. On the other hand, human-computer interaction (HCI) and human cognitive abilities play an essential role when it comes to insights into complex interrelationships that are hidden in very large amounts of data and can only be made accessible to the user by adequate mediation.

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    Data Science for selected scientific fields

    A central aspect of Data Science is the development of new knowledge through AI methods in practically all scientific disciplines. While data was initially collected primarily as a replacement for analogue media, today the value of the information contained in data is increasingly seen as an opportunity to achieve new research results quickly and effectively. Methods of data science and artificial intelligence offer a rich set of instruments to get at the hidden information in the ever increasing amounts of data, the raw material of the future. These developments are not limited to the scientific fields of the humanities, economics, natural and life sciences addressed in the following, but can already be observed in all other disciplines today or will become increasingly important in the near future.

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    Planned research areas and groups

    CAIDAS plans to establish research groups in the following research areas in the future. The goal is to further strengthen the resarch in the existing areas, in particular to enlarge the network with other scientific fields. Funding for additional research groups has already been secured.

    • Machine Learning in Biochemistry
    • Systematic Image Analysis
    • Common Sense Reasoning


    o ongoing appointment procedure for group leader / head of chair
    u upcoming appointment procedure for group leader / head of chair for 2022