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Alumni Uni Würzburg - 1000 Careers One Story

The Alumni-Portal

Trough the creation of a protected Alumni internet portal the University of Würzburg offers a basis for exclusive networks and a platform for:

  • the contact between former students
  • the contact between former students and current students, scientists and docents working at the University
  • the exchange of ideas in alumni groups and forums
  • information about the University
  • information about your former faculty and its alumni activities
  • better career prospects through network communication and event offers
  • combining theory and practice, also for current students

Enrol here and log into the Alumni portal in order to:

  • find former fellow students and get or stay in touch with them
  • form a circle of friends with whom to correspond and meet
  • form and join groups
  • maintain contact to your former faculties
  • administrate your personal data