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Julia Eykalis, Russia

1. Could you please describe your academic/ professional career in a few words?

My name is Julia Eykalis, I am a Senior Lecturer at the Department of German Philology, Samara National Research University (Russia). My scientific interests are mostly focused on the problem of the language peculiarities of the German comics, their verbal and non-verbal components.

2. What do you find most fascinating about your home country?

The various exchange programs provided opportunities for me as a young scientist to access the necessary scientific literature as well as to become acquainted with the research and teaching materials of German-speaking countries.

3. Do you have any experience regarding a scientific or economic exchange between your home country and countries of the European Union?

I suppose that the Alumni connections play an important role in terms of the cultural, academic and economic exchange between the countries because Alumni can share their knowledge with their colleagues around the world and with students, it helps to stay on the top of professional knowledge and contributes to career advancement of the students.

4. What do you think about the importance of Alumni in terms of the cultural, academic and economic exchange?

I'm sure that the most fascinating about Russia is its diversity of all kinds – as well as its natural as ethnic, cultural and religious variety.