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Julia-Anna Sharamyeva

Julia-Anna Sharamyeva, Greece

1. Could you please describe your academic/ professional career in a few words?
I am currently enrolled in the interdisciplinary programme of postgraduate studies “Cultural Heritage Management: Archaeology, City and Architecture” by the University of Athens in collaboration with the Universities of Patras and the Aegean. In 2017, I was awarded a bachelor's degree with honours from the Dept. of Archives, Library Science and Museology of the Ionian University. During my undergraduate studies I also participated in the Erasmus+ exchange programme and completed a semester in the Professorship for Museology and Material Cultures of the University of Würzburg.

After completing my training in cultural organisations such as the Benaki Museum (2016) and the Kitzingen Stadtmuseum (2017), I was employed as an Assistant Curator in the Capodistrias Museum - Centre for Capodistrian Studies (2017-2018). Additionally, I am a public archaeology researcher and digital curator in the Amykles Research Project since 2016.

My research interests focus on museology, the promotion and management of cultural and archaeological heritage, and public archaeology.

2. What do you find most fascinating about your home country?
Although I am of Ukrainian nationality, I was born and raised in Greece so that is what I mostly identify as my home country. It is a breathtakingly beautiful - truly mediterranean- country that is synonymous with a variety of virgin landscapes, antiquity and traditions, as well as its persevering and exuberant people. Greece has maintained its status as a crossroad of cultures throughout its rich and long history which is why I believe there is a lot to be gained in researching its precious cultural heritage and the interplay between the past and the present.

3. Do you have any experience regarding a scientific or economic exchange between your home country and countries of the European Union?
Ever since I started my undergraduate studies I am actively focused on various projects and opportunities for scientific exchange with other countries of the European Union. Although not a scientific or economic exchange programme in its strict definition, the Amykles Research Project (www.amyklaion.gr), in which I participate for the last 3 years, has given me the chance to engage and collaborate closely with researchers from Germany, France and Italy.

4. What do you think about the importance of Alumni in terms of the cultural, academic and economic exchange?
I believe that the Alumni is a vital part of academia and professional life. Through it, universities and graduates alike have the opportunity to cultivate lifelong relationships, which may lead to fruitful collaborations and the promotion of research in general.

Especially in the case of the University of Würzburg which has a very strong international identity and direction, the Alumni play an even more important role in connecting and maintaining communication in-between alumni of different cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

5. Can you remember the name of your adviser from your first stay at the University of Wuerzburg?
During my Erasmus+ exchange period in 2016/17, both Mrs. Angela Fenske from the International Office and Mr. Jan Putensen from the tutoring programme helped me a lot with official documents and practical objectives. Regarding academic matters, Prof. Guido Fackler was my main adviser.