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Dr. Joanna Szczek, Poland

Dr. Joanna Szczęk, Poland

1. Could you please describe your academic/ professional career in a few words?

My name is Joanna Szczęk. I come from Poland and I work at the University of Wrocław, at the Faculty of Philology at the Institute of German Studies. My scientific area is linguistics (pragmalinguistics, phraseology, onomastics). I’m the head of the Section of Applied Linguistics at the same institute.

2. What do you find most fascinating about your home country?

The most fascinating about Poland are for me continuous changes in every aspect of life.

3. Do you have any experience regarding a scientific or economic exchange between your home country and countries of the European Union?

Yes, Erasmus+, bilateral agreements between high schools.

4. What do you think about the importance of Alumni in terms of the cultural, academic and economic exchange?

It’s very important for the students and academic life.