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Dr. Ashraf el-Senussi, Egypt

Dr. Ashraf el-Senussi

1. Could you please describe your academic/ professional career in a few words?

March 2014: Obtained the degree of PhD of Egyptology at Cairo University, Faculty of Archaeology, Department of Egyptology, on a topic of "New Kingdom pottery collection preserved in the Petrie Museum, London, A Study of the New Kingdom Egyptian Pottery Types, Their Functions and Religious Meaning", currently I am working as a researcher in the ministry of Antiquates and a lecturer in Fayoum university, department of Egyptology (temporary position). I am working from time to time as a specialist in ancient Egyptian pottery with several archaeological mission working in Egypt.

2. What do you find most fascinating about your home country?

I find that people are smart and there is great opportunity for scientific and economic development

3. Do you have any experience regarding a scientific or economic exchange between your home country and countries of the European Union?

Unfortunately no, but I been in research scholarship to many European country such as Austria, German, Czech Republic and United Kingdom

4. What do you think about the importance of Alumni in terms of the cultural, academic and economic exchange?

The importance of Alumni in terms of cultural, academic and economic change lies in  exchange of knowledge and scientific cooperation among the members of the forum in all scientific fields and also be a good opportunity to make useful friends which could developed in the future in many fields