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Dr. Amal Mohsen, Egypt

1. Could you please describe your academic/ professional career in a few words?

I am a Post doc. associate in Organic Chemistry and Pharmceuical Chemistry departments in the German University in Cairo (GUC). I have been working as a lecturer in the Organic Chemistry department for 1.5 years and as an assistant lecturer in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry department for 8 years in the German University in Cairo.

I achieved a Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the German University in Cairo in 2010. I recieved my PhD degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from Wuerzburg University, Germany in 2016, and the work was published in 2 international publications.

2. What do you find most fascinating about your home country?

My Home Country is Egypt. Egypt is fascinating for several reasons. It’s one of the most history rich areas in the world and there is no shortage of places to witness and experience that. Egypt’s culture is a mixture of North African and Middle East, with a lot of recent western influence. People are friendly and kind. Not to mention how welcoming Egyptians are. Egypt is "the mother of the world " . Mothers are always fascinating :)

3. Do you have any experience regarding a scientific or economic exchange between your home country and countries of the European Union?

I have awarded DAAD scholarships and I worked in my PhD project for 2 years in Wuerzburg University, Germany where I have learnt a lot of techniques that helped me achieve my degree.

4. What do you think about the importance of Alumni in terms of the cultural, academic and economic exchange?

The alumni’s role is crucial for the development and the exchange of a lot of experiences. Alumni establishes channels that can facilitate closer ties between different people from different cultures and academic backgrounds. This can provide crucial benefits in enriching the student’s experience. Moreover, experiences that are shared by the alumni with students whether in culture, academic, development of self-discipline and character, or in career management can be more easily accepted as guidance and inspiration by others. The senior alumni that are successful can be a most effective medium not just for the university graduates but also with the younger alumni.

Through this way, alumni can assist in strengthening confidence, improve motivation and inculcate the right culture in line with what the university intends to convey to its students.