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These are the musical instruments that require a sponsorship!

In the following list we present you the musical instruments that require a sponsorship.

If you are interested in beeing the sponser for one of the instruments above please click the link below to get more information.

Ancient Near Eastern Rattles

Production: TonART Würzburg
costs:  each from 40 Euros to 70 Euros

An Ocarina from Ancient Uruk

Production: TonArt, Würzburg
Costs: 70 Euros



Zwei römische Tonglöckchen in Menschengestalt

Production: TonArt, Würzburg
Cost: 80 Euros each

Ancient Greek Aulos

Production: Stefan Hagel, Wien
Costs: Each 100 Euros

Two Tutankhamun Sistra

Cost: each 200 Euros

Eine Flöte aus Pergamon

Production: Gipsformerei, Berlin
Cost: 280 Euro

Magische Glocke aus Assyrien

Production: Gipsformerei, Berlin
Cost: 370 Euro

Ancient Greek Chelys-Lyre

Production: luthier Lüneburg
Costs: 700 Euros

Ancient Egyptian Harmosis-Lute

Production: Gitarrenbau, Lüneburg
Costs: 800 Euros


Above head high, Hittite Lyre

Production: Ralf Gehler (Schwerin)
Costs: 6000 Euros

Greek Concert-Kithara 

Producer: Ralf Gehler, Schwerin
Cost: 4000 Euro - the Kithara has already found a Sponsor!

Plaster mold to complement the exhibition:

Das Detail eines Doppelschalmeispielers aus der Türkei

Production: Gipsformerei, Berlin
Cost: 200 Euros

Ein altägyptisches Relief mit blinden Musikern

Production: Gipsformerei, Berlin
Cost: 450 Euros

Technical Equipment:

Audio installations with various loudspeakers systems

Installation: Audioladen Würzburg
Costs: each 90,-/100,-/130,-/ 280,- Euros

Zwei Einhandhörer

Cost: Each 260 Euros

Two touch monitors

Costs: 1200 Euros each