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SolTech Workshop of the JMU Keylab


After ten years of successful research among five Bavarian universities in the program Solar Technologies Go Hybrid (SolTech), just recently a third funding period has been granted by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts for the period from 2022 to 2026.

Bild: Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie JMU

After more than two years of restricted interaction between the participating groups due to the corona pandemic, on June 30, 2022 the SolTech team at the University of Würzburg came together and enjoyed nine excellent talks and an even larger number of poster presentations by doctoral and postdoctoral researchers involved in this program at the Center for Nanosystems Chemistry. The broad scope from chemistry to physics and involving the topics of photocatalytic water splitting, carbon dioxide capture and conversion, thermoelectric and photovoltaic utilization of solar energy, as well as fundamental experimental and theoretical studies on important elementary processes, was very impressive, but nicely interconnected by the common theme to harvest solar irradiation and convert it into either electrical energy or solar fuels.

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