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    Anmeldung zum Global Circle *Metaverse and virtual life - what are the implications on society, education, and the future of work?*

    Datum: 05.03.2023 - 23:59
    Kategorie: Fakultät für Humanwissenschaften, Workshop
    Veranstalter: Career Centre
    Vortragende*r: Career Centre

    Dieser Global Circle findet vom 20. bis zum 31. März 2023 statt. Die Themen, die in dem Kurs erörtert werden sollen, sind:

    A new virtual life with an increased sense of presence in the internet – commonly referred to as the Metaverse – is likely to become a powerful force in society and the economy.

    • How much do we understand about the key technologies behind Metaverse?
    • What are the motivations of the drivers behind the new technologies?
    • When human forms are replaced with digital avatars, and our social interactions are powered by algorithmic systems, what implications do we anticipate on our identities and on social relationships?
    • What will be the challenges and opportunities for society, education, and the future of work?

    Anmeldeschluss ist der 05.03.2023 über Soliya und über das Programm des Career Centre bei WueStudy.