Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Chair for Natural Language Processing

The professorship is concerned with the research and development of informatic methods for content-related, computer-aided processing of digital text data by machine learning in the broadest sense. At the same time, the connectivity to chairs of the Faculty of Philosophy is to be ensured, especially to the Chair of Computer Philology and History of Contemporary German Literature, which deals with the analysis of different types of literature as textual data. Besides the processing of natural language from text, especially mathematical models and methods of machine learning in the field of e.g. computational or statistical semantics are to be developed in order to represent the content of text in a way that can be processed in the computer and thus enable e.g. literary scholars to access the content.

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Prof. Dr. Goran Glavaš

Chair for Natural Language Processing
John Skilton Str. 8A
97074 Würzburg
Gebäude: Geb. 50
Raum: 02.004
Telefon: +49 931 31-81352