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Price for best student thesis 2020 awarded to Kathrin Hellmuth and Johannes Kohlmann


As part of the past talk at AI Talks @JMU, the prizes were presented by Dr Gunther Schunk. The prizes, each worth € 1.000, were donated by the Vogel Foundation.

The price for the best bachelor thesis was awarded to Johannes Kohlmann.

Title: Modeling User Movements in DotA 2
Abstract: In the thesis it is investigated how the player's movements on the map can be predicted in so-called multiplayer online battle arenas (computer games in which several players compete against each other online). Neural networks are used for this purpose. The models learned from these are quantitatively superior to various statistical comparison models and at the same time produce qualitatively more valuable predictions.
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho, Dipl.-Inf. Alexander Dallmann

The price for the best master thesis was awarded to Kathrin Hellmuth.

Title: Computing the Black Scholes equation with uncertain volatility using the stochastic Galerkin method and a Bi-Fidelity approach
Abstract: In the history of financial mathematics, the Black-Scholes model marks a turning point that was awarded the Nobel Prize. It enables the simple determination of the prices of financial derivatives and is used thousands of times a day by the stock exchanges. This model requires as input a flood of daily collected market data. In this master thesis, a very efficient machine learning technique is developed, which enables the input of this data into the Black-Scholes model. Thus, the prices of financial derivatives can now be determined much more efficiently and accurately than was previously possible.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Klingenberg

CAIDAS congratulates the two awardees and wishes them all the best for their future scientific careers!