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    Program Schedule 6 to 9 of November 2018 in Wuerzburg

    Tuesday, 6. of November

    Arrival of Alumni

    1 p.m.

    Introduction, Senatssaal, Universität am Sanderring

    Impulses by Alumni

    2 p.m.

    Keynote speeches, presentations with discussions, Senatssaal, Universität am Sanderring

    • 2-2.45 p.m. Prof. Hans-Georg Ziebertz, "Religion and Human Rights 2.0"
    • 3-3.45 p.m. Prof. Roland Deutsch: "Decision within the social context, conflict and cooperation"
      Coffee break
    • 4.15-5 p.m. Prof. Anuschka Tischer: "The impact of war on history"
    • 5-5.45 p.m. Prof. Dag Hasse: "The Arabic Influence on Western Philosophy"
    Complimented by presentations of Alumni participants
    7 p.m.

    Welcome Reception, Antikenabteilung, Residenz

    Welcome talk by Prof. Theodor Berchem, President of the Alumni Club, University board and Dr. Jochen Griesbach, as well as Prof. Martin Stadler

    followed by get together with former hosts and friends

    Wednesday, 7. of November
    9 a.m. to 5 p.m.Training with accredited Trainer Rob Thompson, Frankfurt 'Working with and in Teams - Minimising Conflict, Maximising Cooperation and Achieving the Best Results', Senatsaal, Universität am Sanderring
    6 p.m.Meeting with the Mayor of Wuerzburg, Rathaus Würzburg
    7.30 p.m.

    Opening of Exhibition 'Museum of Egypt - a journey from Aswan to Alexandria' Welcome address of Prof. Ulrike Holzgrabe Vice President of the University, Prof. Martin Stadler, Lichthof, Universität am Sanderring

    Change of perspectives - Dinner-Talk with refugee academics in cooperation with the Jugendbildungsstätte Würzburg Heuchelhof, Götz Kolle

    Thursday, 8. of November
    9 a.m.Exchange with Alumnus and founder Dr. Joachim Kuhn, Va-Q-Tec, Excursion to company to Veitshöchheim
    11 a.m.Tour with Julia Langner, job fair, Hubland Campus
    11.30 a.m.Alumni presentation at job fair, Hubland Campus
    12 a.m.International Mentoring, Hubland Campus
    5 p.m.Neubaukirche: Ceremony for Alumni Jubilees (15, 25 and 50 years)
    7 p.m.

    Neubaukirche: Official celebration of tenth Alumni birthday

    Speech: Prof. Helmut Schwarz, former president of the Alexander von Humboldt-Gesellschaft and University leaders, get-together and party

    Friday, 9. of November

    9 a.m.

    10 a.m.

    Campaign planning on Social Media platforms, Barbara Schoppe-Kirsch, German Academic Exchange Service

    Good governance and EU-Neighbourhood Policy, Prof. Gisela Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet, Senatssaal, University Sanderring

    11.30 a.m.

    Best Practises of intercultural scientific cooperation, Prof. Ulrike Holzgrabe and Alumnus Dr. Ebaa El-Hossary, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority and Alumni Examples

    Double-Degree Studiengang Museum Studies, Prof. Martin Stadler, Prof. Guido Fackler and Alumni, Senatssaal, University Sanderring

    1 p.m.Lunch Exchange with International Office, Burse Würzburg
    2 p.m.

    Workshop with Prof. Baris Kabak, Vice President of the Univesity of Wuerzburg, Internationalisation strategy, Senatssaal, University Sanderring

    4-7 p.m.Time in Faculties
    7-9 p.m.Science-Slam, Z6, Hubland Campus
    Saturday, 10. of November
    9 a.m.Alumni – Feedback – Future Activities (own activity), Senatssaal, University Sanderring

    9.30 a.m.



    10 a.m.

    Graduate Schools – Possibilities of Cooperation, Senatssaal, University Sanderring

    Workshop Scientific Managment and DAAD/AvH scholar possibilities

    Funding opportunities, Servicezentrum Technologie-Transfer and Research Advancement Centre, Possibilities for cooperation, Servicezentrum Technologie-Transfer and Research Advancement Centre, Angela Esgen, Senatssaal, University Sanderring

    Alumni presentations

    12:30 p.m.Lunch with Prof. Jürgen Kreft, Representative for International Relations

    1.30 p.m.

    Cultural City Walk with Jubi Würzburg

    Follow-up of the EU Nachbarschaftsforum Egypt

    All taking actions on site, the preparatory and follow-up work as well as the long-term dialogue are handled at the JMU via the Alumni-Portal, such as the distribution of the newsletter. Within the Portal, Alumni are able to communicate and to use specific offers of the exchange, for instance the possibility to have a look at the expandable Alumni-book of the JMU, to set publications, etc. In order to develope the Portal, a newsfeed of the service center research and transfer of technology should be integrated. A preparatory work (creation of interviews and public relations) and follow-up (documentation, three webinars) are supposed to carry results and the development of the forum into the future and contribute to a life-long connection and learning.

    Especially in virtual media, citizens are more and more organized within the scope of campaigns of social politic issues. They function as platforms of information or social channels of protest against violations of civil society, aberrations or failures. Therefore, the DAAD-campaign Campaign#MovingEurope is supposed to be introduced as best-practice example for own future campaigns and to encourage participants to be part of this.

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