Anmeldung zum Global Circle *Taking new action to tackle global hunger*

    Datum: 05.02.2023 - 23:59
    Kategorie: Fakultät für Humanwissenschaften, Workshop
    Veranstalter: Career Centre
    Vortragende*r: Career Centre

    Dieser Global Circle findet vom 22. Februar bis zum 03. März 2023 statt. Die Themen, die in dem Kurs erörtert werden sollen, sind:

    Food insecurity has more than doubled since 2019, according to the International Rescue Committee, leaving an estimated 345 million people unable to meet their daily basic food needs. Poverty and hunger crises are now exacerbated by the fallout from the war in Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation, and the growing impact of the climate crises on the world’s most vulnerable.

    •    What are the world’s hunger spots that demand immediate attention?
    •    What are the outlook in your country and neighboring countries?
    •    What actions can young people take to help support those who are vulnerable?

    Anmeldeschluss ist der 05.02.2023 über Soliya und über das Programm des Career Centre bei WueStudy.