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Effective Presentations

Datum: 21.06.2024, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Fakultät für Humanwissenschaften, Workshop
Veranstalter: Career Centre
Vortragende: Robert F. Zaal

With increasing globalization business professionals today are expected to perform a wide range of tasks and conduct business across international borders. In 2022 Microsoft conducted a study and determined that worldwide an average of 30 million presentations are delivered daily. Thus, the ability to deliver effective presentations in English on a variety of topics is frequently required. Such topics may include presenting the company as well as presenting ideas, project results as well as company products and services.
Participants learn practical guidelines and how to prepare, organize, and deliver successful presentations in English so that they can be more effective in an international setting.

Presentation structure.

  • The AIDA Model.
  • Effective preparation.
  • Steve Jobs: techniques for success
  • Developing your own style.
  • Establishing rapport – Connecting.
  • Verbal & nonverbal communication tools.
  • Using the audience attention curve.
  • Opening and closing strongly.
  • Dealing with questions and disturbances(Q&A).
  • Considering cultural differences.
  • Effective use of visual aids.

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