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The Würzburg Medical Faculty

The Medical Faculty of Würzburg ranks among the oldest medical faculties in Germany. After the unsuccessful first foundation in 1402, the Medical Faculty was established once more in 1582. With the newly founded Julius-Spital (1576), conditions for clinical and practical training markedly improved. Many major historical medical figures crossed paths with the Medical Faculty of Würzburg during their medical and/or research orientated careers. To name just one: Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) who turned pathology into a modern laboratory science and did ground breaking research in microscopic anatomy and cellular pathology.

During World War II, in the spring of 1945 large parts of Würzburg’s university and hospitals were damaged or destroyed. Nonetheless, only a couple of days after the destructive air raid, surgeries were performed once again. The following decades were characterized by the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure as well as by a series of new foundations of various centers such as the biomedical research center (Biocenter in 1992, Virchow-Center in 2002) and the “head clinic” which opened in 1973. These efforts culminated in the opening of the Center for Operative Medicine (ZOM) in 2005 and the Center for Internal Medicine (ZIM) in 2009.

Currently the faculty harbors 49 chairs and employs 89 associated professors in 16 institutes and 21 clinical departments. Besides the classical education in human and dental medicine, the Medical Faculty also offers Bachelor and Master Degrees in the disciplines: Biomedicine, Experimental Medicine, and Clinical Research and Epidemiology.

The Research Report 2012 can be downloaded here (PDF-File, 218 pages, 10 MB)