A.2 - Servicezentrum Forschung und Technologietransfer (SFT)



    1. Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions: Innovative Training Networks (ITN)

    The Innovative Training Networks aim to train creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early-stage researchers (PhD students). ITNs support competitively selected joint research training and/or doctoral programmes, implemented by partnerships of universities, research institutions, research infrastructures, businesses, SMEs, and other socio-economic actors from different countries across Europe and beyond.
    Partnerships take the form of collaborative European Training Networks (ETN), European Industrial Doctorates (EID) or European Joint Doctorates (EJD).

    Duration: 4 years
    Funding: 540 person-months for secondments of early-stage reasearchers, + contributions to researchs costs, training activities, management etc.
    Deadline: 10 January 2017

    Information on success rates:

    2. Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions: Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

    RISE is a programme within the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, aimed at fostering the exchange of researchers and technical / administrative staff between organisations in EU / associated countries and other regions. The organisations constituting the partnership contribute directly to the implementation of a joint research and innovation project by seconding and/or hosting eligible staff members.Exchange should take place between institutions of the academic sector and the non-academic sector, or else between academic institutions in the EU and academic organisations in Third Countries. RISE networks can be used to prepare the grounds for a research-focused follow-up proposal within Horizon 2020.
    Consortium: Consisting of at least 3 partners in 3 different EU / Associated countries, partners from third countries are also welcome. Intra-European consortia must include partners from different sectors (academic and non-academic).

    Duration: Up to 4 years
    Funding: Costs for exchange of staff, no research costs
    Deadline: 5 April 2017
    Success rate: 26% in 2015


    3. ERC Consolidator Grant (not opened)

    • Grant for individual researchers of any nationality with 7-12 years of experience since completion of PhD (extensions possible)
    • Research project can be conducted at the University of Würzburg or at another research institution located in the EU / Associated countries
    • Evaluation criterion: scientific excellence of researcher (publications, awards, patents...) and research project (“ground-breaking”)

    Duration: Up to 5 years
    Funding: 2 mio. €
    Deadline: 9 February 2017 (publication: 20 October 2016 – EU Participant Portal

    Information on success rates:

    4. Future and Emerging Technologies (FET open)

    FET open supports the early-stages of the science and technology research and innovation around new ideas towards radically new future technologies. It also funds coordination and support actions for such high-risk forward looking research to prosper in Europe.
    FET Open 'gatekeepers':

    • ambitious scientific and technological breakthrough goal,
    • foundational character,
    • high degree of novelty,
    • high-risk,
    • long-term vision,
    • deep synergistic interdisciplinary approach

    Consortium: Consisting of at least 3 partners in 3 different EU / Associated countries
    Funding: Up to 3 mio. €
    Cut-off dates: 17 January 2017 / 27 September 2017

    Information on success rates:

    5. Bayerisches Programm zur Anbahnung internationaler Kooperationen (BayIntAn)

    Die Bayerische Forschungsallianz bietet Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern (mind. promoviert) mit dem Programm BayIntAn eine Finanzierungsmöglichkeit für Reisen zu (potentiellen) Partnern außerhalb Deutschlands. Ziel ist es, neue Kontakte für geplante zukünftige Projekte zu knüpfen oder bestehende Kontakte zu intensivieren. Der Aufenthalt sollte für konkrete Projektsondierung genutzt werden.

    Fördersumme: max. 10.000€
    Deadline: 7. November 2016 (über das neue Online-Portal)
    Beratung und Einreichung über das SFT (für die Papierversion, die zusätzlich zur elektronischen Einreichung verschickt werden muss)


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