Siebold-Collegium Institute for Advanced Studies

    The Building

    The Siebold-Collegium and its fellows are housed in a newly restored historic building, the so-called Welz Haus, which was built in the 18th century. The Welz Haus is situated in a very quiet yet central area of Würzburg (Klinikstraße 6). Its location is ideal to explore the city as many points of interest are within walking distance (e.g. Bishop‘s Palace, Old Bridge, City Hall, Cathedral, Julius Spital, Fortress Marienberg, and historical University buildings including the laboratory of W. C. Röntgen where X-Rays were discovered).

    The house contains 20 apartments for one to three persons, discussion/meeting areas, a small lecture hall, a kitchen/dining hall etc.

    The entire building is a non-smoking area.

    Visitors Address

    Siebold-Collegium Institute of Advanced Studies (SCIAS)

    Welz Haus

    Klinikstraße 6

    D-97070 Würzburg




    Tel.: +49 931 31-84375

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