Summer Schools

Summer and Winter Schools at the University of Würzburg give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to connect to an international network and broaden your cultural and academic horizons. In Würzburg, you are offered a wide range of Winter and Summer schools. For further information, please click on the websites.

Adult and Lifelong Learning

Comparative Studies on Adult and Lifelong Learning

Business Management and Economics

Globalization as a Managerial and Economic Challenge in Europe

Chemistry and Pharmacy

Catalysis and Organometallic Synthesis

German as a Foreign Language

International DaF Summer Academy


Different topics

winter school 2018: Modern Methods in Nonsmooth Optimization

Modern German Literature

Interdisciplinary Würzburg Summer School for Cultural and Literary Animal Studies

Political and Social Studies

German Politics

Research Training Group (Emotions)

Different Conferences


Würzburg Summer School on Social Cognition and Neuroscience

Computer Science

Crowdsourcing and Internet of Things 

Space Technology

Advanced Concepts for Databases and Logic Programming

Biology / Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

Spatially-Explicit Modeling of Ecological Systems

Image Analysis and Modeling of Complex Biological Dynamics


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