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Research Topics and Contacts - Junior Research Groups

JMU aims to promote excellent research across the whole range of disciplines covered by the University. To that end we have identified leading edge fields in all of our faculties. Listed below are the faculties participating in the programme, including links to the respective calls and relevant contacts. Please note that some faculties offer multiple calls.

Faculty of Catholic Theology

  • Reflections on and the handling of emotions and emotionality in religions
  • Religious competence in the context of increasing religiously inspired conflicts

Faculty of Biology

  • Molecular and Cellular Infection Biology 
  • Fluorescent probes for high-end microscopy
  • Behavioural alteration by learning, arousal and anxiety: mechanisms from synapse to identified neurons to networks

Faculty of Law

  • European and International Economic Law
  • Legal Challenges of Digitalization
  • Distribution, Redistribution and Law

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

  • Molecular Nanosystems (Synthetic, Physical or Theoretical Chemistry)

Faculty of Medicine

  • Infectious Disease Research

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Computational Sciences – Algorithms for Applications in the Natural and Life Sciences
  • Discrete Optimization Strategies for Applications

Faculty of Philosophy

  • Cultural Anthropology of Asia
  • Writing and Society
  • Computer Linguistics / Using machine learning for semantic text analysis
  • Rethinking Europe from its Regions: Law, Space, and Religion as Historical Factors in Political-Cultural Differentiation
  • Man-environmental relationships since the Neolithic in Central Europe 


Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

  • Novel Quantum Materials

Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty of Economics

  • Within the next weeks, the Faculty of Economics will open a new call in marketing research.

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