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A trademark of JMU is the formation of interdisciplinary research centers such as the Biocentre, founded as the first of its kind in Germany in 1993, where groups from biology, medicine, and chemistry jointly investigate topical questions in biomedicine with a focus on cancer and infection.

This successful structural approach has been continuously expanded, resulting in many highly visible institutions, e.g. the Research Centre for Infectious Diseases, also established in 1993, the Rudolf Virchow Centre for Experimental Biomedicine (founded in 2002), and the Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Research Centre (founded in 2006), which integrates groups from the natural and life sciences working on nanotechnology and nanoscience.

To support early translation, new centers in the life sciences such as the Comprehensive Heart Failure Centre (2010), the Comprehensive Cancer Centre (2011), the Centre for Mental Health (2016), and the Centre for Personalized Immune Therapy (2016) involve tight collaborations between biomedical groups at the university and clinicians at the university hospital. In the natural sciences, the most recent additions to JMU’s array of interdisciplinary research centers are the Institute for Topological Insulators and the Centre for Nanosystems Chemistry, both set up in 2016.

JMU’s research profile is further strengthened by recent partnerships with the Helmholtz Association and the Max Planck Society: A Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based infection research began operation in spring 2017; the Max Planck Research Group “Systems Immunology” will become operational in June 2017. Both institutes will be located at JMU’s biomedical campus. The university also closely cooperates with local institutes of the Fraunhofer Society (Silicate Research) and of the Bavarian Centre for Applied Energy Research.

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