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    Kristina Suchotzki

    A study conducted by scientists from the Netherlands and Belgium takes a closer look at liars and the lies they tell. Würzburg psychologist Kristina Suchotzki participated in the study. Now the team has been awarded the lg Nobel Prize, the humorous parody of its Swedish counterpart.

    Anders als gedacht, entlässt das Ribosom Proteine nach der Synthese nicht in das Zytosol (l). Stattdessen hält es sie so lange fest, bis passenden Gegenstücke und Helfer angeliefert werden (r.). (Grafik: Ashwin Chari)

    The formation of macromolecular machines within cells is often a complicated endavour. Biochemists of the University of Würzburg and Göttingen have now unravelled new details of these processes. They show that cells invest a great deal of effort into preventing production errors.

    Abbildung der Kristallstruktur des Hetero-Aggregats, bestehend aus vier Merocyanin-Chromophoren. (Grafik: David Bialas)

    Chemists from the University of Würzburg have combined different dye molecules in aggregates and thereby observed surprising properties. Their discovery may help to use sunlight more efficiently for the generation of energy.

    Nicolai Siegel will die Genomarchitektur bestimmter Parasiten entschlüsseln. Die neuen Erkenntnisse sollen die Entwicklung neuer Medikamente erleichtern. (Foto: privat)

    How do pathogens such as bacteria or parasites manage to hide from their host's immune system? Biochemist Nicolai Siegel is looking into this question within the scope of a new research project funded by the European Union with EUR 1.5 million.

    Universitätspräsident Alfred Forchel eröffnet das CCTB. Er betonte dabei die "hohe Eigeninitiative" aller an der Gründung beteiligten Mitarbeiter.

    Back in 2014 already, the Faculty of Biology established the "Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology" (CCTB). On September 21, University President Alfred Forchel inaugurated the CCTB's new rooms on Hubland Nord campus.

    Ausschnitt aus dem untersuchten Lanthan-Kobalt-Film. Dieser besteht aus einer Abfolge von positiv geladenen Lanthan-Oxid-Schichten (grüne und rote Atome) und negativ geladenen Kobalt-Oxid-Schichten (braune und rote Atome). Ohne elektronische Rekonstrukti

    Interfaces between different materials and their properties are of key importance for modern technology. Together with an international team, physicists of Würzburg University have developed a new method, which allows them to have an extremely precise glance at these interfaces and to model their properties.

    Zwillingsjets aus dem Herzen einer aktiven Galaxie: NGC 1052 bei einer Wellenlänge von drei Millimetern, beobachtet mit dem Globalen Millimeter-VLBI-Netzwerk. Die Abbildung zeigt eine sehr kompakte Region im Zentrum und zwei entgegengesetzt gerichtete Je

    German astronomers have measured the exact location of a black hole and the magnetic field near the event horizon. They show that magnetic fields are capable of providing enough magnetic energy to power strong relativistic jets in active galaxies.

    Schemazeichnung eines Mikroreaktors, der einen Diamant-Photokatalysator als photoaktives Zentrum enthält.

    Slashing carbon dioxide emissions in an eco-friendly way and producing valuable raw materials in the process: This is the goal of a new Germany-wide research venture. Professor Anke Krüger from Würzburg is on board the project.

    An dem Kopf der Taufliege sind die großen Facettenaugen links und rechts gut zu erkennen. Die vierzelligen Hofbauer-Buchner-Äuglein (gelb; in der Skizze ist nur eines zu sehen) liegen an der Basis der Facetten. Von dem Äuglein laufen Nervenfasern (eben

    Fruit flies' activity peaks especially in the morning and late afternoon. The insects extend their midday siesta on long summer days. Researchers from the University of Würzburg have now found out what triggers this behaviour. A miniature pair of eyelets also discovered in Würzburg in the late 80s plays a crucial role in this context.

    Die Larve einer Florfliege mit ihrer Beute, einer Kartoffellaus. (Foto: Matthias Tschumi)

    Putting a halt to the profound changes affecting agricultural landscapes: With this goal in mind, scientists, farmers and official representatives teamed up to look into ecological intensification as a potential solution.

    Cover der Studie zur Nachrichtenberichterstattung während der Staatschuldenkrise in Griechenland 2015: "Die Griechen provozieren!"

    In 2015, the news shows aired by broadcasters ARD and ZDF failed to meet central quality standards. A study conducted by journalistic researchers from the University of Würzburg came to this conclusion. They looked into coverage of the Greek national debt crisis on behalf of the Otto Brenner Foundation (OBS).

    Verschiedene Avatare in Aktion.

    Live streaming of eSports events attracts millions of viewers. So far, however, fans of the video game contests in which international gaming teams compete against each other have been unable to live their passion. A startup company from the University of Würzburg has found a remedy.

    Blick in eine Datenzentrale. (Bild: Rastin Pries)

    Two new projects at the University of Würzburg's Institute of Computer Science receive nearly EUR 750,000 worth of funding. The institute is working to make secure and efficient networks for the Internet of the future happen.

    Lydia Lange in der Bibliothek des Lehrstuhls für Altes Testament und biblisch-orientalische Sprachen. (Foto: Robert Emmerich)

    1600 years ago, the Church Father Jerome took a highly creative approach to the translation of the Old Testament Book of Judith: he cut the original text down to about a half, as the theologian Lydia Lange demonstrates in her doctoral thesis.

    Weinendes Baby auf dem Arm seiner Mutter.

    The very first cry of neonates is marked by their maternal language. This seems to be especially apparent in tonal languages, where pitch and pitch fluctuation determine the meaning of words - as a team of scientists led by the University of Würzburg has demonstrated for the first time.


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