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    Please note: The International Students Office is not responsible for the issue of a Visa. Please contact the competent authorities.

    • Students with citizenship from an EU country do not need a Visa, just a valid passport.
    • Students from several other countries (e.g. EFTA countries, the USA, and Japan) do not need a visa to enter Germany, but for a stay in Germany longer than 90 days, they need a residence permit.
    • Students who do not have citizenship from one of the above named countries are required to inform themselves of their visa requirements at their respective German embassy or consulate. Request your visa well in advance. Gathering all of the necessary documents can take time. Important: before the expiration of your visa you have to request for a residence permit in Germany. 
    • To find out if you need a visa, please check the following links:
    • You can obtain your student visa or your student applicant visa at the German Embassy or the German Consulate. Here you can find the addresses of embassies and Consulate General.
    • If you have already received your notification of admission to university, you should apply for a student visa. Anyone who is still waiting on the notice of admission or who has to sit an entrance examination will need to apply for a student applicant visa.
    • Once you arrive in Germany, you will need to submit your visa to the foreigners' authority in order to convert this to a residence permit for study purposes.
    • Information on legal requirements for the entry and residence of international students, academics an scientists can be found here.
    • Do not enter Germany as a tourist! A tourist visa cannot be converted into a student visa or residence permit!


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