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    Resident Permit

    Please note:

    1. EU-Citizen do NOT need a resident permit.
    2. The International Students Office is not responsible for the issue of a resident permit. Please contact the competent authorities.
    • Students who are not from an EU country need a resident permit.
    • You can apply for the resident permit right after your arrival and it has to be issued in any case before the expiration of your Visa.
    • Non-EU-Citizen who have not required a Visa to enter the country, need nonetheless a residence permit, if they want to stay longer than 90 days in Germany.
    • The foreigners' Office of your place of residence can issue a residence permit. Make an appointment as soon as possible after your arrival with the Würzburg Immigration Office (Ausländeramt) in the City Hall.
    • If you do not live right in Würzburg town but in Würzburg district, you must contact the district office for your resident permit.
    • You will find further information right here.

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