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    All students in Germany MUST have health insurance. Proof of health insurance must be presented at time of enrollment.

    Students from the European Union
    • Apply for a European Health Insurance Card "EHIC" through your health insurance company
    • Show this card to a legally-recognized health insurance company in Germany
    • You will receive a confirmation letter from the German health insurance company. You need this letter to enroll.
    Students from countries that have social security agreement with Germany (e.g. Switzerland, Turkey)
    • If you are insured in your home country, ask your health insurance provider for form E-111, AT 11, ATN 11 or BH6.
    • Show this to a German health insurance company so that they can confirm that your insurance is adequate for enrollment.
    Students from other countries without valid insurance protection in Germany
    • After your arrival, take out a private or public health insurance in Germany
    • Public health insurance is available for students who do not exceeded 14 semesters of study and are not older than 30 years. The cost (without children) is approximately 80 Euro per month. The cost is the same at all insurance companies.
    • Private health insurance is usually more expensive and all costs must be paid out of pocket before the insurance company reimburses the costs.
    • Please note: If you have a private health insurance, you cannot switch to public health insurance.

    You can find more information about health insurance in Germany on the DAAD Website or on the website Krankenkassen-Zentrale.


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