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    Doctoral programs  for foreign applicants

    Doctoral programs in Germany require independent research under the supervision of a university professor. Candidates are expected to contribute  new knowledge and insights to their chosen areas of study. The findings of this research are presented in a doctoral thesis which is an independent, written presentation (Doktorarbeit) covering new academic or scientific ground. Apart from submitting the doctoral thesis, candidates must also complete an oral examination, known as the "Rigorosum" before the doctorate can be conferred. The duration of doctoral studies is normally 3-5 years. The time varies depending on the area of study and the specific subject of research.

    There are two possibilities for foreign applicants to take part in a doctoral program at the University of Würzburg:

    1. With a faculty

    2. With a Graduate School

    The faculty or Graduate School will review the academic and scientific content of your research topic . The International Office will review the formal aspects of your application to determine if you meet the  admission requirements. If the requirements are met, the International Office issues a formal Letter of Admission..


    Doctoral applicants are required to have:

    • A successful, qualifying degree from an officially-recognized university (decision by the doctoral committee)
    • Confirmation from a professor (known in Germany as „Doktorvater“ or „Doktormutter“)* who is willing to supervise the research and who will either propose a topic or accept a topic proposed by you
    • Letter of acceptance from the doctoral committee
    • Proof of German proficiency when deemed necessary by the respective doctoral PhD regulations 

    * Please check first if your research focus is represented at the University of Würzburg. If this is the case, please contact the respective professor.

    You can find the professors and their fields in the course catalogue and in the faculties.

    You can also find information on research conducted at the University of Würzburg.

    Application in the International Office

    If you have completed the above-mentioned prerequisites and you have received the letter of acceptance from the doctoral committee, please send the application for admission to the International Office in order to register for your doctoral program.

    Application deadlines

    There is no deadline for the application; you can apply at any time.




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